Friday News Roundup - Domestic

20 hours ago

This week, primaries and special elections in five states set the tone as midterms inch closer.

On Tuesday, voters in Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington had their say — and the results were mixed.

Here’s a take from The Washington Post on the winners and losers.

Is a “blue wave” coming for Democrats? NBC Left Field sets the scene:

In the latest on the Russia probe, the president’s lawyers again declined an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

And new revelations came out of the Paul Manafort trial. According to an IRS revenue agent, Manafort didn’t declare more than $16 million in income to the U.S. Treasury, and Rick Gates admitted to committing a slew of crimes with Manafort, his former boss.

Finally, the president might be away from the White House, but he’s still on Twitter. A rebroadcast of Don Lemon’s interview with LeBron James sparked the following tweet:

Melania did not follow her husband’s lead. And Don Lemon retaliated:

Is this another Twitter war, or something more?

*Text by Kathryn Fink*.


Molly Ball, National political correspondent, TIME; former staff writer, The Atlantic; @mollyesque

Domenico Montanaro, Lead political editor, NPR; @DomenicoNPR

Alexandra Jaffe, Correspondent, VICE News Tonight on HBO; @ajjaffe

Sukey Lewis, Reporter, KQED; @SukeyLewis

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