Five Hurt In Traffic Accident Involving Bus, Three Vehicles In Ventura County

Sep 3, 2019

Five people were hurt in a traffic accident involving a bus, and three other vehicles in Ventura County.

The charter bus was headed to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley on westbound Highway 118 when the accident happened just after 9 a.m., near Madera Road.  It was taking kids from Kern County to the library for a tour.

Ventura County firefighters say there were more than 40 people in the bus, and the three vehicles. Five people were hurt, but all of the injuries are described as minor.

The bus didn't overturn, but ended up on a hill so steep the door didn't work, and the kids and adults onboard had to be evacuated through the windows by firefighters using ladders.

The accident closed down the freeway, and caused major traffic tieups.  However, the freeway reopened before noon.