Controversial South Coast School District Superintendent Announces Early Departure

Oct 23, 2019

The Santa Barbara Unified School District will be looking for a new superintendent. Cary Matsuoka has announced he will be retiring next year.

Matsuoka took the position in 2016.

The School District is now beginning the search for a replacement, after having announced the departure on Tuesday.

Matsuoka has been under fire because of the school board's handling of incidents under his leadership.

This included the removal of a principal at San Marcos High School last year, controversy surrounding the departure of a director at the MAD academy, and general dissatisfaction with student test scores and safety.

Matsuoka said he will continue to lead with courage and integrity until his last day on the job. He added that he had been planning his retirement since the summer, and had decided to stay until 2020, although his contract extends till 2021.

He will have been in education for four decades at the time of his retirement.