Changing Autos, Changing Climate

Aug 6, 2018

The Trump administration wants to relax fuel efficiency standards. But some states are fighting back.

From Reuters.

The administration billed the proposed rollback from Obama-era fuel efficiency standards as a way to help car companies and lower vehicle prices for consumers, but critics said the plan would accelerate climate change and increase fuel prices. By seeking to strip California of its authority to set its own strict vehicle emissions standards, the proposal also opens new questions about the limits of federal powers over states.

The 19 states, and Washington D.C, announced they would sue to halt the proposed rollback, touching off what will likely be a heated legal showdown, possibly making it to the Supreme Court.

The car industry is tied like few others to American identity; the open road, iconic design and good jobs. All car makers are spending billions trying to figure out a future that is more electric, more autonomous and steps back from fossil fuels. Which way are cars going? What happens when states and the federal government disagree on the way forward?

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Levi Tillemann, Author, “The Great Race: The Global Quest For The Car Of The Future”; former special adviser, the U.S. Department of Energy under the Obama administration; @Vote4Levi

Sonari Glinton, Freelance journalist; former auto industry correspondent, NPR; @Sonari

Marlo Lewis, Senior fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative free-market think tank; @MarloLewis

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