Central Coast University To Host 19 Acre Solar Farm; Will Meet 25% Of Campus Needs

Apr 19, 2017

A Central Coast university is going to go green in a big way, with solar power.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo reached a deal to host a nearly 19 acre solar farm which will generate about a quarter of the electricity needed to power the campus.

REC Solar will finance, design, build, and maintain the facility  which will be located next to Highway 1 on the west side of the campus. Cal Poly will buy the power generated by the facility.

It will have 16,000 solar panels, and generate about more than 11 million kilowatt hours per year. It’s enough to meet the annual needs of about a thousand homes. Not only will the project mean cleaner power for the university, it’s expected to save about $17 million dollars over the next two decades.