Business Students At South Coast University Tie For First In International Business Competition

Jun 29, 2019

In a game with thousands of participants from all across the world, a team of South Coast business students have come out on top.

As part of their capstone class, four students at Cal State Channel Islands ran a simulated footwear company in an online business competition, and tied for first place.

The team consisted of students Alex Weirauch, Timothy Garcia, Christian Ceja-Gonzalez and Andre Velikorodnohh, who competed against 507 other schools worldwide.

“The fact that our studnets came in as tied for the first place worldwide is really quite exceptional,”  says their professor, Cynthia Sherman.

Student entrepreneur Alex Weirauch says that the teamwork, success and drama of the competition has been unforgettable.

"Eventually we managed, I think it was in the 4th or 5th week of the simulation, to tie for first place worldwide for the first time," Weirauch says. "That was probably the coolest experience I’ve had in my college career."

5 other teams from CSUCI also finished in the top 100 worldwide.