As Anniversaries Of Two Tragedies Near, Organizers Work To Tell Stories Of South Coast Community

Sep 30, 2019

Last November, Thousand Oaks was rocked by the Borderline Shooting, which was immediately followed by the Woolsey fire.

As the one year anniversary nears, members of the community are coming together to tell their stories.

A group called "Thousand Oaks Remembers" is trying to commemorate what it was like for people to cope with the tragedies, by hosting listening groups, letter writing efforts, and a live storytelling event, all archived with the Museum of Ventura County.

Shannon Savage-Howie is part of the project, and she recalls that with the shooting and fire happening so close, people found it difficult to even ask each other questions.

She says that she hopes that telling and hearing stories will help the community come to grips with the tragic events.

“I think that’s the power of this project," Savage-Howie says. "Everyone has a story they’re trying to tell, and they maybe don’t even know it.”