10,000 Year Old Remains Of Native American Man Returned To Channel Islands

Jun 13, 2018

The remains of a man who died some 10,000 years ago have been returned home to the South Coast island which was his home.

A man researchers call “Tuqan Man” died, and was buried on San Miguel Island. In 2005, some archaeologists surveying a historic site in the islands found the remains exposed in a gully.

The National Park Services consulted with the Chumash tribe, and it was decided to excavate the remains because they were in a cliff in danger of being eroded away into the ocean. A full scientific study was conducted, with the tribe participating.

The research confirmed the remains were those of a Native American man.

Once the research was completed, the remains of “Tuqan Man” were turned over to the Chumash Tribe, which laid them to rest on the island with a traditional burial.