$10 Million In Drugs Seized, 12+ Arrested In Connection With Drug Operation In Ventura County

Oct 9, 2018

Detectives say they’ve seized more than $10 million dollars worth of drugs, and arrested more than a dozen people after breaking up a drug ring in Ventura County with links to a Mexican drug cartel.

Ventura County narcotics investigators first learned that there was a large scale dealer operating in the county just over a year ago.

Working with federal investigators, they launched an investigation which led to the identification of 15 suspects. During a series of raids, the detectives seized more than $350,000 in cash, 160 pounds of methamphetamine, and 120 pounds of cocaine.

Detectives identified one of the people they arrested, Omar Rangel of Los Angeles, as the head of the L.A.-based drug trafficking organization. They say the operation was linked to the Mexican Sinaloa cartel.