For us, it’s something out of a history book.  But, for Shigeko Sasamori, it was a nightmare which would change her life together.

The then 13 year old girl was one of the victims of the first ever use of the atomic bomb, in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Some additional coronavirus related deaths have been reported on the Central and South Coasts.  165 total deaths have now been reported in the region.

Three more were reported Thursday, with two in Ventura County and one in Santa Barbara County.

There’s word that a county supervisor on the Central Coast has died.

San Luis Obispo County officials confirm that Third District Supervisor Adam Hill was found dead this afternoon at his Pismo Beach home. 

There’s no word on the cause of death.  Earlier this year he admitted he had tried to kill himself, and had been battling depression.

(Ventura County Fire Department photo)

Three people are safe following what had to be a terrifying experience at a South Coast airport. 

It happened just before 3 Thursday afternoon at Camarillo Airport. 

A single engine plane with retractable landing gear made a wheels up crash landing.

A park district is the latest agency on the Central and South Coasts helping to feed those in need during the coronavirus crisis.  The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District is now doing a weekly food giveaway.

The Pleasant Valley Senior Center has been doing food distribution for years to help seniors, but the park district widened the scope of the aid.

Plans for a new train depot on the South Coast took a big step forward this week, with the selection of a design for the $13 million dollar project.

The Goleta City Council chose a traditional looking design from three finalists for the project.  The complex will look like a number of historic depots around the state, and reflect Goleta’s agricultural heritage.

Even with most of the major activities cancelled for Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days, police will still be increasing staffing.

Santa Barbara Police Public Information Officer Anthony Wagner says that the department will be trying to discourage people from gathering in large groups.

The death toll continues to mount from coronavirus on the Central and South Coast.  Five additional deaths were reported Wednesday, with three in Santa Barbara County and two in Ventura County. 

162 total deaths have now been reported in the region. 

Raquel Prichard and her 17 month old daughter are looking at a huge gorilla at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  The Santa Barbara woman says after a more than three month shutdown due to the coronavirus crisis, it’s great the zoo is once again open.

A Ventura County gang member has received a 16-years-to-life prison sentence after he and others mistakenly attacked people at a child’s birthday party, killing one of the partygoers.

The largest annual community event on the Central and South Coasts kicked off Wednesday, but due to coronavirus one of the few physical events which had been planned is now being cancelled.  Santa Barbara City Council members and Fiesta’s leaders officially cut the ribbon kicking off the 96th annual Old Spanish Days celebration. 

A South Coast high school teacher is accused of having sex with a minor. 

Santa Barbara Police detectives arrested Michael Ian Flescher on two unlawful sex counts. 

A non-profit group focused on helping the region’s economy has nearly doubled the amount of money it has to help local businesses hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The Economic Development Collaborative has received nearly $2.5 million in new federal funding for a Ventura County business loan fund. 

A hard liquor license set to go into effect at a CVS Store on Santa Barbara's Eastside has been slapped with last minute restrictions.

These include advanced rules and regulations on the type of alcohol that can be sold, at what times, and in what quantities.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police, and the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, the relationship between police and the public has been a hot topic. 

A forum on the intersection of race and law enforcement is taking place Wednesday night in Ventura County.