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'Oink they're off': Racing pigs pull in the crowds at the Ventura County Fair

Pig Races are one of the attractions at the Ventura County Fair
Caroline Feraday
Pig Races are one of the attractions at the Ventura County Fair

The fair is in full swing, and there’s more to it than food and rides.

About 300 people are seated or standing in this corner of Ventura County Fairgrounds, around a small grassy race track.

Ready to race are four petite Gloucestershire old spot pigs. Yes. Pigs. Small pink things with curly tails and a snout.

"They're definitely real pigs, yeah," said Joel Luckett from Alaskan Racing Pigs, who is emceeing the races.

He says the crowd really get behind the racing pigs and it gives him a chance to drop plenty of pork-y puns in his commentary.

"We are very excited to be here, we have been here for years so it's great to be back," Luckett told KCLU. "It's really fun."

Luckett explained the name comes from the original base of the business, which started in Alaska but is now based out of Oregon.

The spectators can’t get enough of this quirky show.

"Very cute," one spectator told KCLU.

"We were just sitting in the shade and then it started," another confessed.

"It was amazing, so funny. I've seen it multiple times, and it's amazing every time," said another fan of the show.

And while there might be big names to watch like the Beach Boys, or a chance to ride big thrill rides, the appeal of cheering on 'Luke Sky-Porker' is hard to deny.

Ventura County Fair runs through Aug 14 2022.

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