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How the host of the Newlywed Game once risked his home to bring The Beatles to the Hollywood Bowl

Bob Eubanks
Television and Radio host Bob Eubanks once produced The Beatles' Hollywood Bowl shows

Ventura County resident Bob Eubanks once mortgaged his home to produce the Fab Four's live shows.

From TV’s The Newlywed Game to the airwaves of Los Angeles as a radio DJ, Ventura County resident Bob Eubanks has been a familiar face and voice on our screens and radios for decades.

But the long-time Ventura County resident also played another little-known and significant part in history.

Without him - The Beatles may never have played their famous Hollywood Bowl live concerts in 1964.

"I'm the only living person to have produced a Beatles concert all three years they toured America," he told KCLU.

bob eubanks jpeg.jpg
Bob Eubanks
Ventura County resident Bob Eubanks is well-known from radio and television

Despite never having produced a concert before, Eubanks got the Hollywood Bowl and Beatles lined up, with just one sticking point but he needed to raise $45,000 to pay The Beatles.

'I didn't have the money, but I had a house."

After being turned down by his own bank, he persuaded another bank in Woodland Hills to lend him the money against his home - to promote a rock group from England that no one here had seen live!

The rest…is history - as The Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl, introduced on stage by Eubanks.

It was a risk that paid off as he brought them back the following year, and the year after that.

"Two years at the Hollywood Bowl and Dodgers Stadium in '66," he explained.

"In '64, they were wide-eyed and really inquisitive. The second time they came over, they were tired. They really wanted to meet Elvis," he recalled.

The Beatles were taken to meet Elvis but were too star-stuck to speak to him.

"They just stared at him and Elvis said, 'Well if you guys are not going to talk to me then I'm going to go to bed.

"So they brought out their guitars and started singing and having fun."

He continued, "Then in 1966, at Dodgers Stadium, they were a band that no longer wanted to be together.

"That was the second to last concert they ever appeared in, for money."

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Bob Eubanks
Bob Eubanks produced The Beatles show at the Hollywood Bowl and Dodgers Stadium

Eubanks is a treasure trove of witty stories and sharp memories and recently earned a lifetime achievement Emmy Award.

But he started his stellar career with humble beginnings.

"My first job I got was in Oxnard, California. Port Hueneme. KACY. A 250 Watt radio station and I found out later that 200 Watts went to the ocean, and 50 Watts went to the Japanese cemetery next door."

Bob Eubanks will be in conversation with Ivor Davies at the Museum of Ventura County, as part of their Up Close and Personal Series – this Thursday.