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A Magic Dragon who lost the America's Got Talent Final is coming to Ventura County

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Piff The Magic Dragon
America's Got Talent star Piff The Magic Dragon is bringing his show to Thousand Oaks on Sunday March 27

Piff The Magic Dragon appeared on the talent show in 2015 and has a residency in Las Vegas.

Memorably deadpan, a sardonic British man dressed in a dragon suit and doing comedy and magic tricks made his way all the way to the final of America’s Got Talent in 2015.

Shooting his dog, Mister Piffles, out of a cannon may not have won the show, but Piff The Magic Dragon did win the hearts of viewers - as well as his own residency in Las Vegas.

He’s bringing his unique brand of comedy and magic to the stage in Thousand Oaks on Sunday.

"I went on America's Got Talent because nobody knew who I was in America," he explained to KCLU.

"I came to America initially as a small part in a show at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, and it lasted six months and then the whole show went down in flames," said Piff.

He said he wanted to keep living in Las Vegas, "I went on so that i could have my own show and I thought it would be funny to have a billboard which said, 'Loser of America's Got Talent.'"

"I got all the way to the finals and shot Mister Piffles out of a cannon and that's not the way to win over America. I went down in flames but the next day I got my own show in Las Vegas, billed as the 'Loser of America's Got Talent.'"

Being back on the stage after the world shut down, is something that even this self-deprecating dragon can get fired up about.

"I can't wait," he told KCLU of his forthcoming Thousand Oaks show.

"Been in Las Vegas for the past year and haven't done much touring because of the pandemic," said Piff.

He said that on tour, the audience come for his show specifically and put "all their faith in you".

"You'd better be good, on tour," he said.

Piff said there's magic and comedy for nearly all ages in the show, "unless you're five years old. In which case, it's just an angry dragon shouting."

Piff The Magic Dragon is at Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center on Sunday March 27.