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The 'last carousel' in Ventura County is up for sale

carousel 1.jpg
Caroline Feraday
The Carousel at Ventura Harbor Village is being sold after the business lost its lease after decades

It’s entertained children at the location for decades.

The Carousel at Ventura Harbor Village is turning round and playing music, just as it’s done for over 30 years — but not for long.

The Village Carousel and arcade space received notice on their lease and have to move out by April 30.

So the 30 foot carousel with 30 unique animals is up for sale, Tristan Thames, the owner and operator of Ventura Village Carousel told KCLU.

Thames and his family have owned and operated the carousel and arcade business for 21 years but the carousel has been there for decades longer.

"I would like to find the carousel a home as a whole, so that more generations can enjoy it," said Thames. "I would love to see it stay in Ventura County, it would make me a little sad to see it go elsewhere but at this point with such a limited time, whoever offers up the money and can take it... that's who's going to get it."

Thames says that selling the arcade games won’t be an issue, but finding a home for the carousel is more of a challenge.

It's priced at $120,000 although Thames said he's open to negotiation.

"It's a very unique thing and requires a unique individual or corporation," said Thames.

carousel 2.jpg
Caroline Feraday
The arcade and carousel are closing at the end of April

The arcade and carousel is being replaced by a new beer garden in the location.

"There's not a lot of things for kids to do here," muses Thames. "There's restaurants and gift shops and art stores, but [for kids] we have my carousel, and ice-cream parlor and boat rentals."

"As far as I know, we are the last carousel left in Ventura County," added Thames.

It’s the end of an era for those who came here as children and now bring their own children and grandchildren to ride the carousel.

Until a buyer is found… the current carousel and arcade games will continue to operate through April.

Enquiries from prospective buyers can be directed to