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Passport To Art: Mexican Artworks On Display At Ventura County Consulate


As well as processing passports and diplomatic work, the Mexican Consulate in Ventura County is now hosting art exhibitions.

It’s a center which provides passports, birth certificates and diplomatic services for Mexican citizens.

However, the Mexican Consulate in Oxnard is marking Mexican Independence Day by also becoming an art gallery.

Two art exhibitions – marking the Bicentennial of the Consummation of Mexican Independence and 500 years since the fall of the Aztec empire – have gone on display.

The Consul, Euclides Del Moral Arbona, says it is a fitting way to celebrate important dates in Mexico’s history.

"We have at least four centennials which are marked in 2021, which are important for Mexico, for Mexicans and for Mexico's history.

"We are a proud people and a proud country, we like to show off our own art here in Oxnard."

The Mexican artist who is both exhibiting his own works and curated a collection, Rafael Perea de la Cabada – says that it’s an opportunity to immerse visitors to the Consulate, in the diversity and depth that is Mexican culture.

"When I came [to the Consulate] to the first time, the walls were empty. I feel like when you're working, looking at your computer, you need a time to remove yourself. Art is perfect for that," Perea told KCLU.

Del Moral Arbona added, "We are lucky that here, there is a large artistic community, and we are also lucky to have artist Perea residing in our jurisdiction.

"To show his art to the people who come here on a daily basis - instead of seeing blank walls, is an event that doesn't happen too often."

Perea de la Cabada says that having art in the workplace doesn’t just make it look nice - it also gives folks a chance to have some balance.

“Mexican Prints” and “Cempohualli” Exhibitions are at The Mexican Consulate, 3151 W 5th St in Oxnard from Sept. 16 to Dec. 18, 2021, on view Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The exhibitions are free and open to the public.

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