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South Coast Art Museum Reopens After Year-Long Pandemic Closure

The entrance to the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks' in a corner of The Oaks Mall.

A multi-channel video by the artist Sung Jae Lee is playing meditational sounds while petals move on a screen at the California Museum of Art.

It’s one of the art works on display as part of a new exhibit themed on beauty, featuring local and international artists.

The museum has been closed for a year because of the pandemic and reopened Friday.

The museum’s Director is Roya Alt and she says they've looked forward to welcoming back visitors.

The museum is notable not just for its new exhibits, but also for its unique location – nestled among the stores in The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks.

In another room, pieces of paper hang from the ceiling, they each have anonymous written memories on. It’s an ethereal experience, and walking through someone’s mind.

Alt says the artist wanted to show how connected we all, and how much we have in common, despite our differing life experiences.

Visitors are encouraged to contribute their own memories to the exhibit.