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Homeless Dogs From Storm-Ravaged Texas Being Brought To Santa Barbara County For Adoption

(Santa Barbara County Animal Services)
One of 22 dogs being brought by storm-ravaged Texas to Santa Barbara County for adoption

Santa Barbara County is stepping up help to help some Texas animal shelters which were overwhelmed by the severe winter storm which hit the region.

More than a thousand animals are being moved to other states to take some of the burden off of the hard-hit shelters.

22 dogs are being brought to the Santa Barbara County Animal Services Shelter in Santa Barbara this weekend.  Some of the dogs were at risk of being euthanized.   They are all healthy and social, and will be up for adoption.

The nearly two dozen canines are being moved to Arizona by some El Paso Animal Services workers.  A team of volunteers is driving to Arizona to pick up the dogs in Tucson, and will bring them to Santa Barbara County.

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