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Do It Yourself Pothole Filling? Someone Stole Huge Pothole Repair Truck In Santa Barbara County

(City of Santa Barbara photo)
Santa Barbara Police are looking for a stolen pothole repair truck

Maybe someone in Santa Barbara County had a pothole they wanted to try to fill.  Police say a special truck used to fill the holes was stolen, ending up some 60 miles away.

Santa Barbara Police say the massive vehicle was taken from its parking spot at the city’s public works yard.   It was reported missing Wednesday morning.  But, it was discovered a few hours later in Santa Maria.

It probably wouldn't have remained missing for long.   The vehicle is the size of a dump truck, is painted orange, and says “Pothole” on both sides of it.   There's no word on who took it, or why, and there was no sign that it was used to fill potholes.