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Detectives Say South Coast Raid Turns Up Illegal Drugs, Plus A Live Alligator

(Oxnard Police Department photo)
Oxnard Police detectives say they seized a live alligator during a drug raid.

Detectives investigating a suspected drug dealer on the South Coast say they not only found heroin and methamphetamine, they also discovered a live alligator.

Investigators served a warrant at a home on Peninsula Road in Oxnard.  As they searched the home, they found a four-foot alligator in a poorly secured tank. 

Possession of an alligator is illegal.  Detectives called State Fish and Wildlife wardens, who safely removed the gator.  They say possession of the reptile was dangerous because the home was across from Channel Islands Harbor, and if it escaped it could have posed a threat to people.

The investigators arrested Donny Askar on two felony drug charges, as well as animal cruelty and possession of an alligator charges.