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Woman Cut Off, Stranded By Flooding In Santa Barbara County From Storm Rescued

(Santa Barbara County Fire Department photo by Mike Eliason)
Saanta Barbara County, State Parks Swift Water teams rescue woman stranded by floooding Thursday.

The storm flooded some creeks, and streets in the region.  In Santa Barbara County, a woman traveling down a mountain road was trapped, and had to be rescued by swift water rescue teams.

Santa Barbara County Fire Department, and State Parks Department teams tethered to an overhead rope to lead the trapped woman through an overflowing creek.

It happened just after 1:30 Thursday afternoon.  The woman was driving down Refugio Road, about a half mile north of Highway 101 on the Gaviota coastline.  She came to a flooded creek crossing.  When she tried to double back, another crossing behind her had also flooded.

The woman was able to park on a safe, high spot on the road until the swift water teams arrived, and got her safely across the flooded road.