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Police Report Scary Discovery In Some Candy in Ventura County; Prescription Drugs


Police are investigating a scary discovery at a Halloween themed event in Ventura County.

A parent reported that after visiting a kids “Trunk or Treating” event in Simi Valley, they discovered drugs while going through their kids candy. 

It happened Friday night.  A parent told police she took her kids to a “trunk or treating” event they found out about on Facebook.  It was in the parking lot of a closed office complex.

The parent told police when they got home, she put the candy on a counter to clean the package because of coronavirus concerns.  They say she discovered a plastic bag with the candy which contained five pills, including a Xanax pill and four oxycodone pills.

Detectives are investigating the discovery, but they say it’s why you should inspect your children’s candy if they take part in Halloween events.