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Governor Signs Into Law Bill By Ventura County Legislator Addressing College Faculty Pay Issue


The governor has signed into law a bill from a Ventura County legislator intended to protect the jobs of part time college faculty members, and prevent lawsuits.

Recent changes in state employment laws could potential impact adjunct instructors at independent, non-prfit colleges and universities.  They are part-time faculty members, often professionals in their fields, who teach classes.

They have traditionally been paid a flat per course or per unit fee. But, the change in state employment law meant that they might have to be reclassified as hourly, non-exempt employees.  A union representing with lecturers worked with colleges to develop AB 736.

Democratic Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin of Thousand Oaks authored the legislation.   It establishes a minimum compensation floor for the educators.  The plan means some will get significant pay increases.