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Ventura County Medical Examiner's Report Adds New Information About Drowning Of "Glee" Actress

(Ventura County Sheriff's Department photo)
Divers search for the body of actress Naya Rivera after she drowned in Lak Piru last summer.

A just released autopsy report indicates that “Glee” actress Naya Rivera raised her arm into the air, and called for help before drowning in a Ventura County Lake.

The 33 year old woman died July 8th in Lake Piru.  She had taken her four year old son out on the lake in a boat to go swimming. 

The report from the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office says after they had been in the water, she pushed her son into the boat.  The boy told officials that’s when she raised her arm into the air, called out “Help,” but then drowned.

Naya was an experienced swimmer who had visited the lake many times.  The toxicology report shows she minor amounts of prescription drugs in her system, but not enough to lead to her drowning.