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Police Say Man Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer On The Central Coast


Police say they arrested a man who was impersonating a police officer on the Central Coast and had a baton, a vest, and even a vehicle which looked like a police cruiser.

San Luis Obispo police say they were called Friday morning by a person driving near Broad Street.  The 911 caller said someone was trying to stop them in what appeared to be an undercover police car.

Officers arriving at the scene found Edward Hermosillo of San Luis Obispo.  They say the 63 year old man had a car with a front bumper and lighting in the grill which made the vehicle look like a police car.

Investigators say a search of his vehicle turned up a police style vest and holster.  There were no firearms, but they say they found two collapsable batons, which are illegal.  Hermosillo was arrested for inpersonating a police officer, and possession of a collapsable baton.  Investigators think he may have usedthe same tactic to pull over people throughout the county.