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Man Arrested After Police Say He Tried To Rob Ventura County Bank Using Bomb Threats


A Ventura County man is behind bars after police say he used a bomb threat to try to rob a bank.

It happened Thursday afternoon, at a Wells Fargo bank branch on Esplanade Drive in Oxnard. Detectives say Craig James Brashear entered the bank and told a teller he had a bomb, and demanded cash. 

A bank employee called police, and the Oxnard man fled the building.

Responding officers caught him outside.  They say he then claimed he had placed a bomb on the roof of the building.  A drone was used to search the roof, and found it was clear.

Brashear was arrested on attempted bank robbery and making a false police report charges.  Detectives say the 45 year old man has multiple prior bank robbery convictions.

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