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Man Enters Guilty Plea To Fatal Stabbing At Children's Birthday Party In Ventura County


A Ventura County gang member is expected to get a 16-years-to-life prison sentence for the 2009 murder of a man at a child’s birthday party.

Alexis Ramirez pled guilty to a second-degree murder charge. 

Prosecutors say Ramirez was part of a group of gang members which attacked people at an Oxnard party.

They thought it was a party being thrown by a rival gang, but it was actually a birthday party for a one year old girl.  During the attack, several people were stabbed.  One of them, Alfredo Vargas, died.

Following a long investigation, Oxnard police detectives arrested Ramirez and some of his fellow gang members in 2013.  The now-30-year-old man will be sentenced in August.

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