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City Of Camarillo Looks To Agoura Hills For New City Manager


After a nationwide search, a South Coast City is reaching just a few miles south on Highway 101 for a new City Manager.

Camarillo has been looking for a new City Manager.  The current City Manager of Agoura Hills, Gregory Ramirez, was selected as the finalist for the post.

Ramirez has been the top non-elected official in Agoura Hills for 16 years. He’s been with the city for 22 years.  Ramirez helped oversee the city as it built a new Civic Center, Library, and Events Center, and completed more than $80 million dollars in road improvements.

The Camarillo City Council is set to consider the appointment when it meets next week.  Ramirez would fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Dave Norman earlier this year.

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