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South Coast City Pulling Back From Coronavirus Closures Of Parks, Beaches


Ventura County moved over the weekend to reopen its county parks after a weeks long closure due to the coronavirus crisis.  Now, the City of Ventura is also allowing limited access to its parks, and beaches.

Walking, hiking, running, and biking are allowed as long as people don’t linger in any one location.  Sidewalks and walking paths are open, as long as people follow social distancing rules.

But, Ventura’s playgrounds, picnic areas, park restrooms, and associated parking lots remain closed.  And, despite the sunny weather, you can’t sunbathe on Ventura’s beaches, or going fishing. 

The action by the Ventura City Council also calls for the police to close parks and beach areas which become so crowded that it’s impossible to meet social distancing requirements.

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