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Warning Issued: Canine Distemper On Rise On Central, South Coasts


Authorities are issuing a warning about a virus that’s on the rise in Santa Barbara County, but the warning isn’t for people.  It’s for their pets.

A surge in canine distemper has been detected on the Central and South Coasts. 

It’s doesn’t pose a threat to humans, but the highly contagious disease can cause serious issues for dogs.  It can cause fever, vomiting, and death.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services officials say canine distemper is on the rise in wildlife in the county, especially in the northern part of the county.  Infected animals often stumble around, and look confused, and can lose their fear of humans and become aggressive.

It can be spread by animals coughing, but it can also be shared through bodily secretions like urine.  Animal Service officials caution people not to leave pet food outside, because it could potentially attract infected wildlife.

Pet owners are being urged to make sure their pets are up to date on their canine distemper vaccine.

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