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Works Of Andy Warhol, David Bowie Brought To Life In New Virtual Reality Show On South Coast

Someone experiencing a new virtual reality exhibition at Santa Barbara's "Art From Scrap"

A one-of-a-kind virtual reality art installation is opening on the South Coast this week.

What’s called “Cosmic Daydream” features the art, music and innovation of three iconic artists from 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s:  Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and Kenny Scharf.

This one night only event in Santa Barbara explores the concept of “Space Age."

As the music of David Bowie’s song “Hang Onto Yourself” plays in some headphones, a woman wearing them as well as a virtual reality headset is twirling around in a South Coast art gallery.

She's experiencing the installation called “Cosmic Daydream,” in Explore Ecology’s Art From Scrap Gallery in Santa Barbara.  “Cosmic Daydream” features a trio of virtual reality films, based on the works of some famous artists.

Travis Hutchison is the VR filmmaker who created “Cosmic Daydream.”  He says the three films, which are about 20 minutes total in length, are the result of three years of work.

Explore Ecology is a non-profit environmental education and arts group located in Santa Barbara, California. It works with over 30,000 children a year.  One of its big programs is “Art From Scrap,” which focuses on the reuse of items. 

The “Cosmic Daydream” installation also features some recycled materials in the VR viewing area, which look like a forest of metallic strands.  It embraces the "Art From Scrap" concept of using recycled materials.

This is the first time that Santa Barbara based artist has shown the installation locally.  He’s done other shows in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, and Phoenix.  He’s excited to bring the VR film twist to some famous artists work.

While Explore Ecology is definitely kid-oriented, this one night installation is definitely aimed at adults.  But, the hope is that by opening the Santa Barbara gallery to the public, visitors will also learn more about the children's programs.

The experience takes place from six to nine p.m. Friday, at “Art From Scraps” East Cota Street complex.  Link to installation information:

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