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Some Ventura County Supervisors Propose Sales Tax Hike To Reduce Brush Fire Risk, Buy More Parkland


Would you be willing to pay a bit more sales tax to reduce the region’s brush fire danger, and create more open space? Some South Coast voters could be asked that question at the ballot box next year. The idea is to create a fund in Ventura County for vegetation management, as well as to buy and preserve more land for parks, and conservations purposes.

Ventura County Supervisors Linda Parks and Steve Bennett say impacts of climate change like drought are increasing the wildfire threat facing homeowners and the agricultural industry. Their proposal is to provide more money for things like vegetation management and land acquisition for preservation.

At his point, they aren’t talking about a specific amount for the November 2020 ballot. They are asking fellow county supervisors Tuesday to commission a poll to see if voters would support the concept.