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Witnesses Say Plane Stalled Before Crash Which Killed Two At South Coast Airport


Witnesses say a small plane which crashed on the South Coast, and killed two people stalled during its final landing approach.

The August 7th crash at Camarillo Airport was witnessed by a flight instructor, and a student who were in a helicopter practicing hovering at Camarillo Airport.

A newly issued preliminary federal report has new details about what happened.

John Wells and his wife, Tara Wells had flown from Salt Lake City to Camarillo. The single engine plane had been cleared to land.

The people on board the helicopter say the small plane was about 40 feet above the ground when it suddenly pitched up into the air, and stalled. It then went into a steep right bank, and hit the ground about 750 feet from the end of the runway.

Wells and his wife were pronounced dead at the scene.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators collected the wreckage, and are still looking at it as they try to determine why the plane stalled, and crashed.