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Jellyfish Invasion Attracting Crowds To South Coast Harbor

All looks normal as you stand on the walking paths above the scenic Seabridge area of Channel Islands Harbor. But, as you get closer to the water, you see it’s been invaded by thousands and thousands of pulsating translucent creatures moving around the docks. They are moon jellyfish, and they are attracting crowds to the harbor curious about the friendly invasion.

Moon jellyfish are common in the West Coast. They look like a clear, foot wide pancake with four glowing rings in the middle. They use their tentacles to sting, and capture prey like small fish.

While they are found up and down the coast, they aren’t as common in harbors where you can see them without getting in a boat, or even getting your feet wet.

It’s attracting a lot of people to the Seabridge area, which is just off of Victoria Avenue in Oxnard. A three minute walk behind the Seabridge shopping plaza gets you to what looks like jellyfish central. Because they move with the current, and wind, there are tens of thousands of them packed into sheltered parts of the Seabridge area of the harbor right now.

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