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Human Trafficking Survivor In Ventura County Becomes Advocate For Victims

A Ventura County woman who is a human trafficking survivor has become an advocate for those impacted by the crime. 

Karie Rothschild of Thousand Oaks says in the late 1980s at the age of 13 she was forced into sex trafficking by her own mother as way to support her mom’s meth addiction.

“It was so hurtful. How can you do that to a child? How can you sell me? Especially as a mother,” she says.

When Rothschild was 16, she got out of the trafficking ring. But the transition to normal life was tough, and she became a drug addict. She eventually got sober and now works at a federal law firm. Rothschild is an advocate, urging the community to help human trafficking victims.

“Open your life and give people a chance. They’re going to fail. They’re going to fail more than once. But, if you’re there for them, that’s how you help teach people. You do it in a safe place. You give them an opportunity. You let them fail, and then you help them,” she says.

Rothschild will be speaking on a panel at a Stop Human Trafficking event put on by Soroptimst International of Ventura County this Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Museum of Ventura County.