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Report On How Ventura Coped With Thomas Fire: Good Overall, But Room For Improvement


A new independent report looking at how the City of Ventura did in responding to the disastrous 2017 Thomas brush fire in gives Ventura generally high marks, but says there are a number of improvements needed. The report says the city met key issues coming from the process, including evacuating residents safely, and providing for the rapid resumption of community services.

But, it notes there are a number of ways the abilities to deal with a crisis of this type could be improved. The reports says during the crisis, Ventura could have done more to keep residents informed. It also says the city needs to establish a backup for its city hall.

Ventura’s City Hall was in the evacuation zone, and was closed for several days due to that, and the fact there was still heavy smoke in the area.

You can find a link to the report here.