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Radical Church Group Planning Demonstrations Over Borderline Shooting, Brush Fires

A Midwest church group known for its anti-gay and anti-semitic rants has announced plans for protests in Thousand Oaks and at Pepperdine University, in connection with the Borderline Bar and Grill attack, and the Hill and Woolsey brush fires.

In press releases, Westboro Baptist Church officials claim the demonstrations are intended to show that the shooting and fires are manifestations of God’s wrath.

Church officials say one of the protests will be outside of Thousand Oaks High School Monday morning.

The school sent out an e-mail to parents saying that if the protestors show up, they will not be allowed on campus, and that law enforcement will be out in force to ensure things remain peaceful.

The Kansas based church is known for its controversial protests outside of military funerals. It’s monitored by agencies like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and considered by some to be a hate group.