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LA County Unveils Quake Warning App; Ventura County Working On Version


Could an app in your smartphone soon give you a critical few seconds of warning that a major earthquake is on the way?

Los Angeles County has unveiled its app, and Ventura County is working to become a part of the system.

The new app is called the “Shake Alert LA” app. It’s linked to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Southern California network of quake sensors.

If a magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquake occurs, you would get a phone alert which says “Earthquake! Earthquake! Expect strong shaking. Drop, cover, and hold on. Protect yourself now.

Ventura County officials say they are currently working to develop a version of the app for the county’s residents.

In addition to the warnings, the LA County app includes information on how to be prepared for a major quake and its aftermath.

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