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South Coast Woman Whose Son Is Living With Dyslexia Writes New Book For Families Dealing With Issue


He’s a bright young Santa Barbara man who’s working on a career in business, or marketing.  But, Daniel McKinney looks at the world a little bit differently.  That’s because he’s living with dyslexia.

The now 21 year old man says he was in second grade when he really started struggling in school.  It led to his mother becoming an advocate on the issue, and prompted a new book aimed at other parents.

McKinney’s mother, Cheri Rae, says as her son moved through elementary school, he struggled more and more, but she wasn’t sure why he was having search a hard time.  Rae says she went to his elementary school, hoping they could help find answers.  He was diagnosed with learning disabilities, but at the time, the school district didn’t have a specific program for dyslexic students.

He was set up with daily tutoring, which soon got him back on track academically.

After the long, difficult path Rae and her son followed, she decided she wanted to do more to help other families, so they could get help sooner.  She became a consultant helping others.

Now, Rae has written a book that a field guide for parents facing this issue.  It’s called “DyslexiaLand: A Feild Guide For Parents of Children with Dyslexia.”

Rae says she hopes sharing some insight will help families get help for their kids at an early age, because the earlier the intervention, the better the child can learn how to live with the issue.

The book “DyslexiaLand”  has its own website,