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Party Foul: Authorities Set Up To Prevent Large Scale Unsanctioned Halloween Parties In Isla Vista


A number of steps are once again being implemented to try to prevent the large scale unsanctioned, unsponsored Halloween street parties which caused problems in Isla Vista for years.

Parking restrictions are in place for Isla Vista and parts of Goleta to try to limit visitors. Restrictions on outdoor amplified music will be enforced Thursday through Sunday. Finally, UCSB is banning overnight guests in residence halls through the weekend.

UCSB’s Associated Students organization is hosting a concert as an alternative activity, and the university is offering a slate of events through the weekend. 

In the 1980’s and 90’s, the unsanctioned, unsponsored Halloween parties drew tens of thousands of teens and young adults from throughout the Western U.S. to Isla Vista, creating massive public safety and public health problems.

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