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Central Coast University Students Work On Their Rose Parade Float

New Year’s may be several months away, but students at a Central Coast university are working hard on their float for the Rose Parade.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students are creating their 2019 float named "Far Out Frequencies." It celebrates the parade’s theme, “The Melody of Life.”

“Our astronauts are traveling deep into outer space and land on a distant alien planet. Since they’re incapable of using words to communicate with the aliens, they turn to their instruments and share their message of good will with the aliens,” says senior Lara Steinwinter.  

Since July, they’ve been constructing the astronauts and aliens.

“Using pencil steel and shaping it and welding it together,” she says.

They’re also harvesting marigold flowers to adorn the float.

Steinwinter says their work will soon be transported to Cal Poly Pomona where students from both campuses will complete Cal Poly’s 71st float.

“It’s like a family coming together. I don’t think the Cal Poly experience for any of us would be the same without Cal Poly Rose Float,” she says.