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Central Coast University Contributes To National Study On How Pregnant Women Can Reduce Weight Gain

A new national study involving a Central Coast university has helped develop an approach for pregnant women to control unhealthy weight gain.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo contributed to the study that found lifestyle changes can help pregnant women who are overweight or obese reduce excess weight gain.

Professor Suzanne Phelan says she conducted the local part of the national study with more than 250 women.

“We tested the effects of a meal replacement intervention during pregnancy. We asked the women to replace two meals a day with an organic liquid replacement and then for a third meal have regular table foods and healthy balanced meal,” says Phelan.

She says the women also received support and information on increasing physical activity.

The researcher says it worked. Nationwide, 62% of the women in the intervention groups versus 75% in the control groups exceeded the National Academy of Medicine recommendations for pregnancy weight gain.