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Bald Eagle Population Expands On Channel Islands With Successful Breeding Season

Photo by Channel Islands National Park
Bald Eagle

The bald eagle population is expanding on the Channel Islands.

Channel Islands National Park  officials say this year has been the most successful breeding season since restoration efforts began in 1980.  A record 20 breeding pairs reared 19 bald eagle chicks across five Channel Islands.  The tally includes 11 chicks from six nests on Santa Cruz Island, two from one nest on Santa Rosa Island, five from four nests on Santa Catalina Island and one on San Clemente Island.

Sightings of bald eagles from the Channel Islands have increased throughout California with birds seen in Orange, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties and as far north as Washington and British Columbia.

In the 1960s, bald eagles disappeared from the Channel Islands due to DDT and human disturbance. But, today, there are about 60 resident bald eagles on the islands with more than two million people watching them this year through live webcams.