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Actress Who Played "Belle" In Broadway's "Beauty And The Beast" Reprises Role In Ventura County

(Photo by Ed Krieger)
Jason Chacon as "The Beast" and Susan Egan as "Belle" in the Five Star Theatricals production of "Beauty and the Beact" in Thousand Oaks

She’s a Tony Award nominated actress who was the original “Belle” in the Broadway hit “Beauty and the Beast.” Now, Susan Egan has reprised the role in a new stage production of the musical in Ventura County.

It ran on Broadway for 13 years, and some 5400 performances. It also showed Disney the potential for turning some of its stories into live theater, setting the stage for later Broadway hits like “The Lion King” and “Aladdin.”  The story has had a long history, starting with the animated Disney movie, which led to the live stage musical, and just a few years ago, a live action movie.

Egan says it’s still fun and still a challenge to do “Beauty and the Beast.” She says while everyone knows the story the fun for audiences is the journey.

Director Yvette Lawrence knows the musical backwards and forwards, and played “Belle” herself in a Los Angeles production. Lawrence, who’s worked with Egan before, says they’ve tweaked some things for the Five Star Theatricals production currently running at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.

Egan says even though she’s done the show so many times, she says it doesn’t feel old to her. She says each time the curtain rises it’s a fresh, exciting experience.

“Beauty and the Beast” runs through this coming Sunday at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.

Lance Orozco has been News Director of KCLU since 2001, providing award-winning coverage of some of the biggest news events in the region, including the Thomas and Woolsey brush fires, the deadly Montecito debris flow, the Borderline Bar and Grill attack, and Ronald Reagan's funeral. 
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