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South And Central Coast Pet Owners Being Reminded To Keep Animals Safe During July 4th Fireworks


As the Fourth of July approaches, pet owners across the South and Central Coasts are being reminded about the dangers of fireworks.

Pets are frightened by fireworks.

“They will jump through windows, over fences. They don’t know where the explosions are happening,” says Randy Friedman with Ventura County Animal Services.

Many animals go missing or get injured or even killed. And that’s why he says don’t bring your pets to the fireworks. 

"Keep them locked inside. Close the doors, the windows, the curtain. Turn the radio pretty loud. Turn the TV on. Give them something to do. Give them a treat,” Friedman says.

Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag and is microchipped.

VCAS is also encouraging residents to foster a dog or a cat on July 5th since it’s the busiest day for the shelter with so many strays ending up there after the 4th.