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South Coast City Receives $15 Million To Build Much-Needed Bike Path

Millions of dollars will be going towards the construction of a much needed bike path on the South Coast.

The California Transportation Commission has granted $15 million to the city of Santa Barbara to build the Las Positas/Modoc Off-Street Bike Path. It has been in the city’s plans for decades.

The grant money will be used to construct 2.6 miles of multi-use path along Las Positas and Modoc Roads for bicyclists, runners and pedestrians. This will complete a gap in the Pacific Coast Trail. It’s intended to increase safety because severe injuries and deaths have occurred along Las Positas due to high roadway speeds.

The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2021. However, if in the November ballot California voters repeal SB1 -- the gas tax that provides transportation money, this project will no longer have funding and will not continue.

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