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Surveyors Re-Establish Property Lines In Santa Barbara County Following 1/9 Debris Flow

Photo by County of Santa Barbara
A survey marker

Surveyors are helping to re-establish property lines in Santa Barbara County after many markers were destroyed following the devastating 1/9 Debris Flow.

As part of the recovery effort, 70 key landmarks known as survey monuments are being set to indicate property boundaries in areas of Montecito destroyed or damaged by the flooding.

Santa Barbara County Public Works Director Scott McGolpin says this will reduce costs to residents.

“They can bring in private surveyors and there will be a control network just adjacent to their property that they can use to establish their property lines versus without this control network, they may have to go down the street and around the corner to find a control point that has any historical technical data assigned to it and then they would have to bring those points back up the road to get to their property,” he says.

This $104,000 project, known as the Montecito Survey Control Network, was approved by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors last week.