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Autopsy Fails To Show If Body Found On Central Coast Is That Of Missing Woman


An autopsy has been conducted on a body found on the Central Coast over the weekend, but authorities say they haven’t been able to determine yet if the remains are those of a missing woman being sought.

Kristi Marti was last seen in a vehicle in the Perfumo Canyon area of San Luis Obispo January 9th. After efforts to find her were unsuccessful, San Luis Obispo Police conducted a large scale search for evidence in the area last Sunday.

It led to the discovery of a decomposed body in a creek bed. Detective say because of the body’s condition, an autopsy was unable to make positive identification of the remains, or determine a cause of death.

They’re hoping some pending test results may help provide answers about the body. They are also looking for witnesses who may have seen a red Chevy Blazer in the Perfumo Canyon area when the 26 year old woman disappeared.