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Beam Of Light On South Coast Promotes Awareness For Rare Blood Disease

Photo by Amgen
Beam of light from Amgen in Thousand Oaks for multiple myeloma awareness

You may have noticed a burgundy beam of light illuminating the sky on the South Coast.

Amgen has launched what it calls Spotlight Myeloma -- by shining a light from its Thousand Oaks campus as a way to raise awareness of the rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma.

Jennifer Ahlstrom, a former patient and founder of the nonprofit Myeloma Crowd that helps fund research, was on the campus this week to promote awareness.

"Sometimes as a patient, you feel unempowered. You're dealing with this very complex life challenge.  But, patients could push for cures for their diseases.  It's possible," she says.

As part of the initiative, Amgen has donated $25,000 to Myeloma Crowd and other organizations that are advancing research.

The beam of light will be on every evening through the end of the month, as it is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month.