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Tiny Libraries Pop Up At South Coast Parks To Promote Literacy

Little Free Library at the entrance to Camino Real Park in Ventura

There’s something new that promotes literacy at parks in Ventura County.

Some people come to Camino Real Park in Ventura to play basketball. Others come for baseball. And now there’s another reason to stop by the park.

“It’s a little library. It’s a little free place for people to drop things off and pick up some cool treasures,” says Julie Morris of Ventura.

She says she and her husband were jogging when they first spotted what looks like a birdhouse or a mailbox. A sign says “Take a book, leave a book,” and the inside is filled with books.

She says she plans to take part in this honor system of checking out books and donating books.

“If a park isn’t a place for recreation, I don’t know what is. So, you’re kind of in the right mindset when you’re here. And I think that’s a really, really nice asset for our community,” Morris says.

There’s another Little Free Library that promotes reading at Ventura’s Barranca Vista Park.