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Travelers Can Enroll In TSA Pre-Check In Santa Barbara County For Limited Time

Photo by Santa Barbara Airport
TSA Pre-Check enrollment van

You have a chance over the next two weeks to enroll in a program in Santa Barbara County that expedites security screenings at airports across the country.

Travelers can enroll in TSA Pre-Check at the Santa Barbara Airport for a limited time. The enrollment van will be available from Wednesday through Friday and then from February 5th through the 9th.

“We parked it in the short-term parking lot. And passengers can come up to the van and, with the appropriate identification and $85, can enroll in this Pre-Check program good for five years,” said Lynn Houston with the Santa Barbara Airport.

She says while security wait times are short at this airport, TSA Pre-Check makes a big difference when traveling through larger and busier airports.

“You can go through the TSA Pre-Check without taking off your shoes or your belt or your computer out. And it’s expedited screening,” she said.

Without this temporary TSA Pre-Check enrollment unit, travelers would have to go to Oxnard or Los Angeles to enroll.